Leg of Lamb in the Ooni Pro

We love lamb. It deserves much more credit than it gets here in the good ol’ U.SA. And cooking a leg of lamb on the Ooni Pro is easy. Check it out!

Begin by heating up your Ooni Pro with whatever fuel you like. Charcoal is going to give you a nice base solid heat that doesn’t fluctuate much, but if it’s wood or wood-based, you can’t go wrong. Cooking with wood imparts a nice flavor that you just can’t get otherwise. Also, the dry heat allows the skin to really crisp up. We shot for a temperature of about 400-415 F.

While the Ooni Pro is heating up, season your lamb. We like to keep it simple so that that the meat’s flavor can really be the hero. Salt, pepper and garlic powder are all you need for this.

Leg of Lamb in the Ooni Pro
Leg of lamb in the Ooni Pro is easy and delicious!

Once the Ooni Pro gets up to temperature, it’s time to slide it in the oven and let the roasting begin. There are a couple of things to keep in mind here:

  1. Keep the lamb on one end of whatever tray you use and then keep THAT end as far from the coal/wood as you can.
  2. If you want to guard against too much direct heat, a make-shift flame guard with tin foil will do the trick.
  3. Be sure to turn the lamb to ensure even cooking and keep from burning part of it.

Once your lamb is up to temperature, slide it on out. Everyone’s idea of “doneness” is different. If you’re not use to lamb, maybe try a little more well done. That will ease you into it. But if you’re daring, keep it pink toward the middle and taste all that lamb has to offer!

It really is that simple. cooking leg of lamb in the Ooni Pro is just another example of how versatile this great outdoor oven is. Check them out at ooni.com to find out more about them.